Estate Administration

Although your choice of estate planning tools may significantly reduce the cost and time involved in administration of an estate after the death of an individual, there is still work that must be done:

  • Bills must be paid
  • Assets assembled
  • Notices given
  • Tax forms to complete
  • Distributions to be made

Harris, Hamman, Glick & Heckman, LLP offers a full range of estate administration services.

  • Often, as in the case of a simple living trust, our assistance may be limited to preparing the statutory notice to the heirs and advising the trustee of his or her duties.
  • In the case of a complex trust, it may be necessary to work together with accountants and other professionals to ensure a properly funded and smoothly operating trust for the beneficiaries.
  • The firm is fully qualified to undertake whatever administrative steps are required, from setting aside estates under $150,000.00 without formal court supervision, probate of wills and interstate estates, setting aside community property to surviving spouses, or post-death administration of living trusts.
  • When circumstances require, the firm also is fully qualified to establish conservatorships of adults and guardianships of children, and to assist in the administration of these activities under court supervision.

Under the direction of John Harris, his estate administration staff can provide professional assistance to the fullest extent called for by the individual’s estate plan or the circumstances of incapacity or minority.