Firm History

The law firm of Harris, Hamman, Glick & Heckman, LLP has its roots in the 1930s, when Charles L. King and his mother, Mary King, who was admitted to the practice of law in California in 1916, established a law practice in Gridley. In addition to his mother, Charles’ father, J.R. King, and two brothers, Joe and Albert, were also members of the California Bar. Mr. King retired in 1971, shortly after John T. Harris joined the firm. Thomas G. Sanford joined the firm in 1974, followed by Brian C. Hamman in 1997.  Jackson Glick joined the firm in 2012 and became a partner in 2016.

The firm conducts a general practice of the law, representing and advising clients on their estate planning opportunities as well as on matters specifically related to elder law, such as planning for aging and incapacity. The firm counsels clients on most business and real estate matters, including the agriculture and construction industries, small business in general, and the formation of corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships. The firm engages in civil litigation and appears in courts throughout the Sacramento Valley.